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Warehouse Manager

  •  Posted:  Fri. 14 Jan, 2022
  •  Expires:  31, Jan 2022
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Job Summary

The Warehouse Manager will work with the Trade Operations unit ensuring efficient stock inventory management and trade activities.

Job Description

1. Controls and Manage Inventory Levels

–      Maintains inventory by conducting bi-monthly physical counts; reconciling variances; inputting data in relevant AFEX platforms

–      Responsible for the daily entry of stock on work bench and drop box

–      Plan, co-ordinate and monitor the receipt, storage and dispatch of goods

–      Supervise and control inflow and dispatch operations to ensure accuracy with minimum handling and stock damage

–      Monitor and maintain stock accuracy by ensuring the physical stock is in line with the warehouse management system and ensure all stock movements are recorded to ensure accuracy

2. Supervise Warehouse Employees and oversees daily operations

–      Completes warehouse operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees, following up on work results

–      Safeguards warehouse operations and contents by establishing and monitoring security procedures and protocols.

–      Exercise supervision over the staff to maintain proper discipline and to ensure that there is complete cohesion and harmony among the staff as also to inculcate team spirit, cooperation and sense of participation amongst the staff working at the warehouse

3. Trader Volume Aggregation

–      Responsible for customer engagement across aggregation channels

–      Responsible for aggregating volumes from traders around the communities allocated to the WH.

4. Market Operation

–      Responsible for reporting market price of all commodities traded in their local communities.

5. Payment and Settlement

–      Responsible for overage settlement payment

–      Responsible for requesting cash advance to FEOs and Brokers

6. Outreach

–      Responsible for outreach to farmers in their locations by ensuring the registration of all farmers with AFEX.

7. Enforces all rules and regulations of the organization

–      Ensure that all relevant procedures and processes are followed and adhered to in line with the Company’s procedures and requirements

–      Responsible for driving Standard Work and ensuring quality processes are implemented

8. Manages clients requests and resolve issues promptly.

–      Liaise with clients on new information as and when required in a timely way

–      Plan field visits to meet with clients and solve issues

9. Responsible for the quality and quantity of stock in the warehouse

–      Responsible for accepting quality grains into the warehouse and maintain the quality of the grains in the warehouse.

–      Ensure the safety and preservation of stocks, judicious use of equipment, fumigants and other property of the Corporation.

10.Other duties

–      Responsible for the overall security of stock and staff in his location

–      Manages risks

–      Manages cost of running the warehouse

Job Experience

·       Bachelor’s degree in Agric related field or relevant field from an a reputable university

·       2-3 years of relevant experience in similar field

·       Strong reporting and analytical skills.

·       Experience in operational role with the banking industry will be an added advantage




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