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Portfolio Manager

  •  Posted:  Tue. 11 Jan, 2022
  •  Expires:  31, Jan 2022
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Agriculture/Fishing/Poultry, Banking/Finance/Insurance, Sales/Retail/Marketing

Job Summary

AFEX enables the transition from production to transaction for agricultural commodities. AFEX provides secure storage and a ready market for both farmers and buyers to participate in, seamlessly and with trust embedded. We have been able to reach 100, 000 farmers and aggregated over 100, 000 metric tonnes of grain. Over the next four years, AFEX seeks to integrate fully into the capital markets through introduction of commodity-based products, entrenching its role as the leader in the country’s commodities market. The Portfolio Manager is entrusted with the duties to develop, supervise and monitor the development of potential business relationships with customers in the FMCG Country. To also ensure the provision of excellent financial products and services that adds value to the AFEX and AFIL in particular; whilst ensuring that the organization is adequately secured.

Job Description

  • Develop and monitor the execution of marketing programmes to cover customers in the targeted industry segments.
  •  Develop and build risk assets products and portfolio,
  • Discuss credit requirements and oversee the development of appropriate financing packages to meet customers’ needs o
  • Manage and enhance the growth of a quality loan portfolio with a focus on FMCG o Interview potential loan customers and process loan requests. o Analyze loan applications, financial statements, and base credit decisions on AFIL Policy. 
  • Minimize Loan losses and exceptions through effective documentation, underwriting, timeliness, and relationship building. o Collect past due loans. ➢
  • Maintain good public relations with current and prospective customers. 
  • Co-ordinate the squad for effective and efficient service delivery.
  •  Analyse the industry segments to identify potential opportunities for AFIL vis-à-vis customers and new products.
  • Cross sell AFEX Services to all clients (Iron Triangle)
  • Make spot client calls with management to monitor and ensure marketing quality and to sell the AFIL services, discuss various proposals with customers and provide financial advisory services.
  • Recommend proposals to render financial services to customers within approved limits.
  • Liaise with other squads/tribes within AFEX to ensure that customers’ requests are duly executed.
  • Maintaining new and existing client relationships, including informing clients of market conditions, updating them on investment research and economic trends, and meeting with them to discuss their portfolio performance and investment objectives.

Job Experience

Exhibits the ability to conduct independent research into market trends and activity

Sport a detailed understanding of the Nigerian and global capital markets

Possess detailed knowledge of economic theory and financial terminology

Possess detailed knowledge of best investment practices

Excellent written and verbal communications Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills

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AFEX Nigeria

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